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Know These On The Go Exercises

Busy. That’s a word that all of us more than likely say at least 15-30 times per day. We are all busy. Too busy to visit people, too busy to work out, too busy to work on that project, or too busy to do your favorite hobby. We all live busy lives, but here are 3 exercises you can do anywhere. Check them out!

# Three-Legged Table

This workout is great for the butt, arms, and your abs. Here’s how to properly do it :

• Sit on mat (if you have one, or the floor carpet) with your knees bent and hands under shoulders, fingers pointing toward your butt.
• Lift your butt until your knees are at a 90-degree angle.
• Extend your right leg toward the ceiling, foot flexed, then lower to knee level, toes pointed; keep hips still.
• Do 10 reps, keeping hips lifted.
• Switch legs; repeat.

# Hover Scissors

This workout targets your shoulders, abs, butt, and legs. Here’s how to do it :

• Get into the plank position with forearms on floor and abs engaged.
• Lift your left leg, keeping it level with your hips, and move it 1 foot to the left.
• Keeping your leg elevated, bring it back to the center and cross over your right leg.
• Do 10 reps.
• Switch legs; repeat.


This is a great workout for your butt and legs. Here are step-by-step instructions on how to properly do it :

• Lie face down on floor, forehead on hands, with legs lifted in V position, toes pointed out.
• Pull your belly button in and push your hips down.
• Keeping legs lifted, bend knees, flex feet and bring them toward your butt. .
• Release.
• Do 10 reps.